Jon Rezin is a Los Angeles based mix engineer and vocal producer whose work can be heard on numerous top-charting albums spanning the last decade. (Santana, One Direction, Carly Rae Jepsen) His intuitive and versatile mixing style has crossed over globally,  creating a trail of high charting hits in the Japanese, Chinese, and Latin markets. (Girl’s Generation, Natalia Jimenez, BoA, Wang Rong, Tomohisa Yamashita, SHINee)
“Jon Rezin has been my go-to mixing engineer for the past few years... I appreciate his focus on a clean vocal sound and he is a pleasure to work with…” – Toby Gad - Beyonce, Fergie, John Legend 
Jon is also a first call vocal producer responsible for seven seasons of American Idol, as well as the signature vocal sounds for various major label and indie artists.


■Jeff Miyahara

■Keita Joko

■Miles Walker

■Keiko Watanabe

■Jae Chong

■Enik Lin

■Kuraaki Hori

■Paul Ballard


■Kanata Nakamura


■Munemitsu Sugihara