Da-iCE – EVERY SEASON **Oricon Weekly Ranking no2**

The latest hot new album by Da-iCE has just entered the charts at No2! Congrats to all involved!

5. Cynical Life
Composed by Jeff Miyahara


中森明菜 – Fixer **Oricon Weekly Ranking Album No7**

中森明菜 New Album has entered the charts at number 7!!

Great work!!

8. 欲動

Jeff Miyahara


SHINee – DxDxD **Oricon Weekly Ranking Album No1**

SHINee`s new album has entered the Oricon chart ranking at number 1 for weekly sales.
Great way to start that new year!!

Congrats to everyone involved!

1. DxDxD
2. Wishing Thinking
3. Wanted
4. Boys Will Be Boys
5. View (Japanese Version)
6. Your Number
7. Good Good Feeling
8. Photograph
9. Sweet Surprise
10. Sing Your Song
11. Moon Drop
12. Love

Creative Supervisor Jeff Miyahara